Molmo Services was founded in 2005 as a spin-off from the Center for Molecular Design, a research department of Janssen Pharmaceutica erected under the auspices of dr. Paul Janssen. We provide molecular modeling services and software for the pharmaceutical and material sciences.

Molmo Services is presently managed by Frits Daeyaert, director of FD Computing located in Beerse, Belgium.

Our flagship product is Synopsis, a de novo drug design platform that distinguishes itself from other existing algorithms in that it

  1. explicitly addresses the synthetic availability of the designed compounds

  2. can be used in combination with any other molecular modeling software


The Synopsis platform is licensed to both industrial and academic users. Alternatively, we offer to deploy Synopsis in combination with our own molecular design expertise as a service to users that have no in-house computational chemistry capacity.


To learn more, please visit our synopsis and services pages, or contact us.