MolMo Services is an independent, privately funded company specialized in the development and application of dedicated software in the field of molecular modeling and drug design. MolMo Services was founded in February 2005 as a spin-off from the Center of Molecular Design, a research department of Janssen pharmaceutica founded by Dr. Paul Janssen.
Our team consists of people with a proven expertise in the field of computational chemistry, software development, and drug design. MolMo Services provides software in the field of computational chemistry.

Our flagship product is Synopsis, a novel de novo drug design platform. Unlike other de novo design algorithms, Synopsis directly addresses the synthetic accessibility of the designed compounds. Thus, the result of a Synopsis run is a list of compounds that score well on a particular scoring function, together with a viable synthesis route. The latter is generated using an extensive list of ~100 well documented organic reactions, combined with a data base of commercially or in-house available compounds. The scoring function can be any combination of commercially available or in-house developed drug design software.

MolMo Services also provides targeted and focused libraries, as in silico data set or as compound collection synthesized through one of our contractors.

The continuing commitment of MolMo Services to innovation is clear from the scientific output: our staff has published more than 50 papers on medicinal chemistry, computational techniques, and many other topics. They also appear as inventors on 20 worldwide patents in disease areas ranging from virology through neurology to oncology.